Guiding children for a stronger future
    Healthy and educated children are the country’s guarantee of a better future. Today, hundreds of our children pass their time at the construction sites where their parents labour. We help such children realise their potential by nurturing their talents.
    Neptune Foundation has built creches with world-class facilities within our sites for the children of construction workers. Children are provided with day care, education, health, nutrition and hospitalization aid.
    In our endeavor to explore the talents of children, we conduct various events like cultural and sports activities as well as an annual program on Ganesh Festival for all the children of Mobile Crèches in and around Mumbai. We also organize picnics for children to experience the life of the privileged.


    All round development that enables good living.
    Under this, we help the homeless, sick and mentally disabled with medical assistance, education aids and employment opportunities.
    We have a dedicated team to survey, analyse and pick up the mentally disabled people/beggars roaming in the streets and rehabilitate them at different NGO’s related to the respective category and reunite them with their families after counseling and treatments.
    In the near future, we are planning to have a tie up with Beggars Home at Chembur with a vision to make a beggar free society.
    By nurturing their all-round development, we help them become productive individuals of a positive society.


    A society is known by how it treats its old.
    The old bear the brunt of our changing lifestyles, values and priorities. To protect these feeble and helpless beings, we have built an old age home at Village: Kalungan, Taluka: Akole, District: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.
    Neptune Foundation provides everything right from boarding and food to healthcare completely free of cost.
    A secure, green shelter having a capacity of 200 inmates with a current built up area of 16500 sq.ft and with an future expansion plan up to 26000 sq.ft., it is an idyllic spot for these abandoned souls to spend their days in peace.
    Built in the memory of Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh, the 3 acre home is set amidst the Sahyadri range. Mount Kalsubai provides a scenic backdrop to this spacious and lush shelter which is a mere 4 kms away from the Bhandardara dam. Monsoons give the area a green makeover and turn this tranquil abode into a garden of happiness.

    • Name of the home: Parampujya Kailashwasi Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh Vridh Ashram.
    • Location: Village: Kalungan, Taluka: Akole, District: Ahmednagar, 130 kms. from Mumbai.
    • Area: 3 Acres.
    • Age limit: Above 60 years.
    • Modern residential building with up-to-date facilities of 16,500 sq. ft. having a capacity of 200 inmates.
    • Separate dorms and toilets for men and women.
    • Individual cupboards and sidetables.
    • Regular health check-ups, 24×7 doctor and in-house dispensary.
    • Regular diet chart maintained for all.
    • Fresh vegetables provided from our own garden.
    • Utmost hygiene maintained while cooking.
    • Dedicated staff for routine activities and caretaking.
    • Secure premises with CCTV, security personnel and compound walls.
    • Premises cleaned and maintained every day.
    • Solar panels, wind mills and DG sets.
    • Landscaped gardens.
    • Temple in the premises.
    • Car Parking.



    Neptune Foundation’s “Project Nayan” has been created with the vision of working for the upliftment of the visually challenged community as a whole with special focus on:

    1. Creating job opportunities for the visually challenged.
    2. Doing Corrective corneal surgeries with the aim to restore eyesight.
    3. Carrying out catract operations with special emphasis in the rural areas where there is a practically on medical facility available for correcting the blindness.
    4. Working on the advocacy level with aim of garnering support from the govt. & semi-govt. agencies



    Neptune Foundation provides Nutritional support to HIV positive patients .Under this project we distribute rice, wheat, dal, bottles of protein and Vitamin supplements to 24 HIV positive couples, which includes pregnant mothers who are HIV positive as well


    Neptune Foundation supports many activities like education, free health camps:

    • Neptune Foundation undertakes medical assistance programmes like free cataract surgeries, medical camps and blood donation camps.
    • Neptune Foundation conducts programmes like mass marriages; distribute free school uniforms in rural areas



    Empowering through upliftment, Neptune Foundation also carries out other support programmes.

    We support the following NGOs

    • Bal Kalyan Nagari – We conduct programs for the children of the institute, make them believe in their abilities and help them to realize their goals in life.
    • Thane Mental Hospital – Support Thane Mental Hospital by providing materials/equipments which are helpful to the inmates for their day to day activities and leisure.
    • Government’s Beggar’s Home – We are in discussion with the authority for the possible association for the rehabilitation of beggars in and around Mumbai in co-ordination with them.
    • Global Educare Trust – We organize programmes in co-ordination with Global Educare Trust on Republic day for the orphans/underprivileged children . We also provide Educational support, medical support and also participate hand-in-hand with Global Educare Trust for the betterment of society especially in the area of education.
    • Educational Institutions – We support schools and colleges built in the memory of Shri Nanasaheb Deshmukh at Rajur, Akole Village, District Ahmednagar.
    • Environmental Medical Association – We organize programmes in co-ordination with them in the rural areas for the upliftment of Adivasis.
    • We undertake medical assistance programmes like free cataract surgeries.
    • We support sports by convening sports meets in tribal areas like the marathon.
    • We also conduct mass marriages, distribute free school uniforms, hold medical camps & blood donation camps, other than actively promoting education etc.






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