Reunion of Saif to Kolkata….!

    Every Youngster every Person has a dream of achieving something in their life. Many people become successful and many people keep trying but often times eludes them…

    Same thing happened with Saif.   He was from kolkatta and came in Mumbai with his dream to earn livelihood and achieve his aspirations so his family will appreciate and feel proud of him, but his destiny was not with him still he kept on trying to achieve success but to no avail.

    Saif was Bangoli from kolkatta he was not able to understand Hindi language and due to language barrier he was not getting proper Job and Support which he was in need of. He just lost himself in the land of immense opportunities; Mumbai. He started wandering on Road sides to end up being completely disturbed and alone.

    But the Almighty did not leave him alone. We say God exist and that’s true – God really exists! Saif’s story is a testimony to the same.Neptune Foundation received a call on Helpline number informing regarding one man wandering on road and completely helpless. Neptune Foundation did an enquiry and traced the person who happened to be none other than Saif and admitted him in Thane Regional Mental Hospital with the help of Police and due court orders.
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    Saif was getting treated in Mental Hospital with all the efforts of Doctors, Social Workers,Staff members and soon Saif started responding to the treatment. Saif told us his address and his personal details. Neptune foundation’s social workers with the support of Thane mental Hospital Social workers traced the address on Google map and connected with nearest Police station. Eventually Neptune foundation connected Saif with his family.


    His mother and family members were very happy and immediately came in Mumbai to receive him and they were completely filled with joy and love.

    His Mother was crying as he was away from his family from last 1 and ½ years and everyone had just left hope that he will ever come back again.

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