Reunion of Ranjit to Bihar

    Neptune Foundation located a person lying on a road near Mulund check Naka who was a wanderer for quite some-time. Team Neptune slowly developed rapport with him to give food and water and asked about his whereabouts but he was unable to say much and whatever little details he could reveal were not sufficient to know about his background as he seemed to be lost.
    Neptune team then approached Mulund Police station(W), west for giving a male constable for conducting the pickup. Then he was taken to the Thane Regional Mental Hospital. After the initial diagnosis by the psychiatrist, he was produced to the Mulund Court by Neptune Team to obtain court orders for admitting him to the hospital for further treatment.
    After getting the orders he was taken to Thane Regional Mental Hospital and was admitted there for treatment. Soon he began undergoing treatment in ward No-3 with counselling sessions as a part of his treatment. It was during this counselling session on 8th May 2015, He mentioned that his name is Ranjit But couldn’t divulge much information thereafter. Post this incident Neptune Team frequented the visits to ward no -3 to check improvement of his condition and wellbeing. On 6th June Ranjit was transferred to Civil Hospital at Thane as part of a treatment to be received for Hydrocel (A hydrocele is a painless buildup of watery fluid around one or both testicles that causes the scrotum or groin area to swell) advised by his Doctor. Post this treatment he was certified okay by doctors.
    On 11th June during the team Thane Mental hospital(TMH) & Neptune’s visit and conversation with him, he mentioned that he’s from Bihar Village Tirakharda, Post- Sikti, Dist Araria. Further he revealed that his father has already passed away who came in search of him to Mumbai and his family includes mother Kalavati, Wife- Champalal, 3 Daughters – Ritu, Neha, Aachal , Uncle – Meghu Sardar.
    With this information on hand team Neptune & TMH launched a search operation for his reunion and found Araria police station number on the internet through which the team traced local police station no- of Sikti to reach Mr. Kundan (Incharge-Sikti Police Station).The Team gave all the information about Ranjit and on 2nd July 2017 the team called inspector Kundan to know about Ranjit’s family which had shifted to Panjab. Despite this Inspector Kundan assured team that he will try to find Ranjit’s family’s whereabouts from other sources in which he succeed without delaying any further. But unfortunately destiny had some other plan for Ranjit’s reunion as the room was found locked. Upon inquiring with neighbours who told about his wife and daughters had been to Nepal and his mother to Punjab. Nobody had any contacts of Ranjit’s family members then.
    Nonetheless TMH & Neptune Team was continuously in touch with Sikti police station. Meanwhile both the teams met Social worker and Psychiatrist Dr. Phatak who was treating Ranjit at Thane Mental Hospital and admitted that Ranjit was responding to his treatment so he would be discharged shortly provided he remains in same conditions as there were still signs of relapse.
    On 21st January again Neptune team contacted Sikti Police station to find out Ranjit family. They had talked with PSI Arvindkumar . On 27nd of January Mr. Arvinkumar returned the call to search team to inform about his transfer from Sikti police station and gave another no of PSI Dhananjay(His replacement). The team provided him with all the details of Ranjit & his family. With this information PSI Dhanjay acted swiftly and contacted Ranjit’s Uncle – Manikchanda Sardar and passed his number to the search team.
    After a long wait of 6 months and continuous strings of conversation in an attempt to reunite Ranjit with his family, the Team succeeded and initiated arrangements for his reunion. On July 18th 2017 finally came the day when Ranjit boarded the Train with the team to reach his native Katihar. Upon completion of the formalities with the local police station Ranjit was eventually reunited with his family members who were extremely happy to have him back in the family.


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