“We Rehabilitate Good Living”

     Mentally ill people need special care. People consider mentally ill patients as a social stigma and practice discrimination.

    Since the last 3 years, Neptune Foundation has been providing psycho-social rehabilitation services. It tries to reach to the roots of trauma that such patients might have undergone. A study shows that there are around 1 lakh destitute in Mumbai city alone. They are from various parts of India. Most of them come to Mumbai looking for work but not all are fortunate enough to find one and end up in a life full of misery. Once they run out of the little money they had begun with, they are deprived of food and many other basic necessities and become vulnerable to difficulties. Such situations can lead to grave psychological complications.

    Neptune Foundation is one organisation that rightly understands that these people need real help. There is a dedicated team to survey at Neptune Foundation. They pick up mentally ill destitutes from the roads. This is done with the support of local police and they are treated at Thane Mental Hospital. These destitute are from various parts of India. After working with them for many sessions during their treatments, the foundation gets the details of their families and traces them.

    Neptune Foundation reunites the destitute with their families after counselling and treatment. If a family has to come to take back his /her family member and has no financial means. Neptune Foundation sponsors the to and fro travel cost of the family. It also conducts therapeutic activities, offers vocational training that helps such people to gain and retain a sense of purpose, and gives them the means to be self-reliant.

    Till date, Neptune Foundation has helped 135 mentally destitute people, and successfully reunited 94 families. The joy and happiness on their faces is worth the efforts that Neptune Foundation crusaders have put in to reunite these mentally ill destitutes.

    Only all round development enables good living. Neptune Foundation has set up a Free Helpline for the pick-up of such cases.The Helpline numbers are 8879881234 operational from Monday-Friday between 10 am- 6 pm.

    Sponsor a Pick – Up/Reunion of a Mentally-ill Destitute – Rs. 5,000





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