There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark.”–Helen Keller.

    Visually Challenged people are also like you with thoughts and feelings. They don’t need sympathy but an opportunity. They can be one amongst us. Many such people are struggling to get work opportunity to be independent.

    Neptune Foundation has thus, initiated a new service “Project Nayan” that aims to bring about a ray of hope in the lives of the visually challenged. It focuses on the following aspects:

    1. Creating employment opportunities for those who are visually challenged
    2. Conducting corneal surgeries that will help restore eyesight


    India is having world’s largest population of blind people. 75% of these are the cases of avoidable blindness. With Project Nayan, Neptune Foundation seeks your support in performing eye surgeries and in creating fruitful work opportunities. Let us work together to create a more socially conducive environment for those destitute of vision.

    Fighting Visual Challenges with the Power of Music

          “Music is the universal language of mankind.” 
                                                                                               ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Music has an incredible power. Neptune Foundation has tried to showcase this universal truth by bringing in limelight an Orchestra named “ECOBEATS”. The orchestra is all about “being unique”.

    It is an orchestra of a group of visually challenged people. The group is led by Mr. Shravan Kumar and Kiran Bhapkar and their performance on the stage is like an audio-visual treat for the audience, who are mesmerized by their extraordinary gig of film and devotional songs.

    EcoBeats started a year and a half ago when the Neptune Foundation joined hands with Mr. Kiran Bhapkar and Mr. Shravan Kumar. Mr. Shravan Kumar is the lead singer who sings in both male and female voice and also has a marvelous ability of music direction. Apart from the tabla, dholak and synthesizer, the band also has specialist artists performing on acoustic instruments like the mandolin and sitar. The band has a professional anchor with a dedicated comedian to keep audience glued to their seats. Some members have earned diplomas and degrees in music and have performed internationally across countries like the US, the UK and Singapore.

    You, too, can play your part. If you’d like to support EcoBeats, you can invite the orchestra to perform at your official or personal events. This will not only give them a financial boost, but also a personal and professional recognition of their abilities.

    What you waiting for? Invite Ecobeats and bring light to their lives. 





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