Predictive Homeopathy Camp with Dr. Praful Vijaykar

    Hope for the Hopeless is Homeopathy Medical Camp by Dr. Praful Vijaykar on 15th and 16th January,2014 @ Ghatkopar. Dr. Vijaykar has been conducting the homeopathy camps for mentally challenged children and young adults completely free.

    Neptune Foundation has joined hands with them since last 2 years. Neptune Foundation supports these camps by way of providing manpower support and drinking water. The patients come from various parts of Maharashtra so they come a day in advance and stay in the hospital premises where the camp is being held. Neptune Foundation staff goes a day in advance to give tokens to patients for the next day.

    The camp is being held every 3 months and the patients get medicines for 3 months. The follow up of old cases is done and also new cases get registered in every camp. The Camp was a huge success and this time, last time it was attended by almost 1200 patients.

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