“Because Children Are the Future”


    A child means happiness, innocence and contentment. However, if this image fades all of a sudden and you confront the grim reality – a child unfed, abandoned, uncared for. What will happen when you see their innocence buried underneath fear, tears, abuses and crude work? Such a spectacle is nothing but tragic!

    Poverty and Helplessness are two such awful states that compel man to do just anything. Forced by such circumstances, we see child workers at construction sites and shops constantly struggling for survival. They do not know whom to appeal for help and how to step into a better future.

    Neptune Foundation has seen through this deplorable state and has taken appropriate measures to nurture these vulnerable children and shape their future.

    Neptune Foundation counts the most on the labourers who put in their efforts in constructing the buildings. They art h most important people in the whole process. The irony is they build homes for others but never have one for themselves. Their children too suffer as they have to go from one construction site to another as soon as the work is over and the education suffers. The children of these labourers generally have never seen the formal schools and don’t get good education.

    With this in mind Neptune Foundation has built mobile crèches with state-of-the-art facilities at our construction sites. Children are provided with day care, education, health, and nutrition and other medical aids.

    In our endeavor to explore the budding talents of children, we conduct various events like sports and cultural activities. Additionally, we also celebrate all festive occasions. Study tours are also arranged for the children to expose them to the outside world.





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