E-Rickshaw and Vessel distribution at Thane Regional Mental Hospital

    Thane Mental Regional Hospital has been endowed with E-Rickshaws on Thursday 21nd September 2017. In a joint effort of Neptune foundation with The Hans Foundation 2 E-Rickshaws and 90 catering Vessels along with some essential articles were distributed at Thane Regional Mental Hospital (TMH).

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    Over the years Neptune Foundation has been consistently supplying various essentials and other supplies to The TMH which houses and caters to staggering 1516 patients within its campus. For the furtherance of this support this year the aid from Hans Foundation with E-Rickshaws has entered the TMH campus. The event was graced by Thane MLA Shri Sanjay Kelkar who inaugurated the distribution program.

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    In order to provide food, daily needed articles to patients and transportation of other essentials within the huge campus of TMH with the help of trolleys by the staff was becoming inconvenient and the need for more effective mechanism was needed. Realizing this inconvenience along with Neptune Foundation, The Hans Foundation gifted 2 E-Rickshaws to the TMH. Besides the convenience factor the rationale of opting these vehicles is that it purely operates on alternate fuel i.e. electricity, so the concern associated with pollution is already addressed.
    E-Rickshaws are convenient for use along with transportation of articles, in addition it will be used for various others operational purposes. To lessen the ever increasing load of patients the required supplies of utensil and other essentials were also distributed at the same time. MLA shri Sanjay Kelakar handed over these articles to TMH superintendent Dr. Dinkar Ravkhande besides surveying the campus.

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    Dr. Avinash Bhagwat directed the program at TMH and among present were the TMH team including additional Hospital superintendent Dr. Medhe, Vice Superintendent Dr. Ujwala Gute (Kendre), Neptune Foundation operation team including Advocate Manohar Deshmukh. To conclude Superintendent Dr. Dinkar Raokhande affirmed that E-Rickshaw is the need of the hour as it will facilitate various operational activities within the hospitals premises.

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