In line with our services to the unprivileged, Neptune Foundation has started Kapda Daan, an initiation to help poor people who have no sufficient cloths to wear. At many of our sites, Neptune Foundation observed children and elderly people with torned or with no proper cloths. It is indeed disheartening to see their difficulties in the biting cold climate due to insufficient cloths.

    Neptune Foundation announced “Daan Utsav” to collect cloths from the staff and friends for distributing the same to the labour camps at our sites. The response received was very encouraging and we managed to collect sufficient cloths to distribute at our two sites in Mulund and Ambiivali from our first announcement. We are planning to cover one more site next week for which we are collecting cloths from our contacts.

    We always ensure the cloths received are in good condition, well ironed, no loose stitches, no wear and tear and no buttons are missing.
    We continue to strive to collect more cloths from common public and expand our services to people in the street to fulfil one of the most vital and basic needs of being human.

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