Case Study – Reuniting with Family

    Meena was suffering with psychological problem and the family tried to treat Meena but didn’t help much. She used to throw stones at people, verbally abuse and used to go and sit at the local police station.

    Her treatment was on since 2000. But in 2013 it became a big difficulty for the family to keep Meena at home as she had become aggressive, the family and the locality was having trouble because of her.

    So with the help of police and with due court orders, the family sent Meena to The Regional Thane Mental Hospital for treatment.

    In January, 2014 Meena became better and fit to go back home. Meena’s family is in Devgarh. Father is no more and mother is not keeping well and she  has  2 Brothers .

    On 17th January, 2014, Neptune Foundation Team went to Devgarh  to reunite Meena with her family. All the expenses of reunion of Meena  were taken care of by Neptune Foundation.

    When the team reached at Meena’s home, her younger brother was present. They were very happy to see Meena back home in sound mind.

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