Case Study – Rehabilitation of Mentally ill Destitutes

    As of now , Neptune Foundation has picked up 53 mentally ill destitutes from roads and reunited 30 with their families after treatment.

    Mr. More (name changed for confidentiality purpose) was located by the Neptune Foundation team while they were distributing food to ill and physically challenged people on the roads near Mulund. (Neptune Foundation distributes food to such people every day- at least 20 people a day).

    More-1 More at the time of admission to the hospital

    He was completely naked and was running on the streets. It was at the time of peak monsoon. He was wet and didn’t know what he was doing. Neptune Foundation informed the local police and later with help of police, he was admitted to Local Civil hospital by Neptune Foundation Team. When he was admitted to hospital, he was having very high fever and not in a state to say anything about himself. The doctors mentioned that he was admitted at right time or else the rains and fever could have been fatal for him.

    After the treatment for his fever, then he was taken to The regional Thane mental Hospital for initial examination and then as per the doctor’s advice, he needed admissions. So he was taken to the court to get appropriate orders. After the due court orders, he was admitted to the regional Thane mental Hospital with due court orders.

    There he improved with medication and counselling sessions. During such sessions first he mentioned that he had a brother and they used to stay at Andheri, HP colony. So Neptune Foundation Team visited Andheri there. Neptune Team didn’t find the home or relative. Later he mentioned that he was at LIG colony, which was at Kurla. So Neptune Team visited that too. It was a colony of 200 odd buildings and to trace his family with just the surname was not easy. Many buildings were visited but to no avail. Later Neptune Team visited Kurla police station to see if any missing person’s complaint is lodged in the name of More. But that too was not there.

    More-2 More under treatment

    After a few days More mentioned that he was from Zunnar. He was trying hard to remember about his family as he was improving with medication but no further details about Zunnar he could give.

    After a few months, he gave a proper address of Thane home  and mentioned that he used to reside there  with his brother and mother. Neptune team visited that place in Thane. Finally some information about the family was traced. The building sectary informed that , Mores used to live there but they sold the house and went away.  The secretary could also recognise More. He gave information that his elder brother and mother have shifted to Badlapur and but where exactly he didn’t know. He asked for a few days time to give information.

    Meanwhile, More also gave another address of a hair cutting saloon in Mahim owned by his maternal aunt. So the team went there. Team did locate the saloon, the address and name given by More was correct. The worker at the saloon didn’t know about More but gave aunt’s contact number and mentioned that they live close by. The team located the house with help of a milk vendor. But when they reached the home, it was locked. The neighbours informed that the aunt is a doctor and gave her contact.  When the Neptune Team contacted her, she immediately recognised More and asked them to meet her at her Clinic.

    She informed that More was taken care of by his step mother. His 2 brothers live separately.  Younger One at Badlapur and Elder at Kurla on rent. More was looked after by the elder brother. The mother was not keeping so shifted to Satara and was staying there. More had history of psychological problem and the family was treating him. He was admitted in some Ashram by the mother. A year ago Ashram informed the family that more ran away from the Ashram and they could not locate. The family tried their best but to no avail. A missing person’s compliant was lodged in the district where the Ashram was situated.

    Immediately the aunt then connected the Neptune Team with the mother and brothers. They were very happy to know that More is doing good and in safe hands.

    They agreed to come and pick him up as he had improved and was allowed to go home by doctors. The mother and 2 brothers came to take More back home. He was happily reunited with the family after almost 2 years and that too in improved psychological conditions. Now he is with his mother at Satara

    More-3 More at the time of Reunion with the family.

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