Case Study – Old Age Home

    Elderly from rural areas are mainly the residents of our Deshmukh Old age home. One of our residents Mr. Mane is in his seventies.  He was married and was staying near Satara. His wife left him, had no children and was staying alone.  He used to do some odd jobs. When Mane’s brother got to know about the Deshmukh Old Age Home, approached the home seeking shelter for his brother. Mane was eligible for admission and got admitted at the Deshmukh home. Since then he is at home. Not remembering his past, his brother’s family. He now says that this old age home is is home and the staff and the residents are his family. HE keeps himself occupied in doing work in the farm where the Old age home grows vegetables etc and is interested in Sat sang.


    The other resident Mrs. Lina. She has a husband and 2 children. Husband is a little difficult person, doesn’t stay at one place. He is not able to take care of her. They don’t have their own home. The 2 sons are not willing to take their responsibility. Mrs. Lina came to Deshmukh home through a relative’s help.  She had a fall and the old age home staff took good care of her.  Her husband came once to meet her. She has told him that she will now stay at the old age home till her life time as both her sons are not willing to take care of her and she cannot go from one place to another with her husband at this age.


    She is happy at the home and keeps herself occupied in the work of supervising the kitchen affairs and is happy with the other residents of the home.

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