Case Study – Destitute Pick up

    On October, 2013, Neptune Foundation located a destitute lady, wandering on the roads near the ACC Cement Company, near Mulund Bridge. It was observed  that she was having psychological problem.

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    Neptune Foundation Team offered her some food and water which she accepted immediately. She was very hungry so asked for more food, she was quite cooperative. She agreed to come with us to the hospital for treatment and during that conversation she mentioned her name as Payal.


    Then the our team and Police took her to Thane Mental Hospital for primary health check up. With those reports they took her to Mulund court for acquiring court permission for admitting her to Thane Mental Hospital.


    The Judge asked her a few questions which she could not answer properly and she started talking irrelevantly. The court gave permission to admit her to Thane Mental Hospital.


    The Neptune Foundation team took her back to Thane Mental Hospital, police also came along. She was the admitted to Thane Mental Hospital and now she is under treatment.


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