Case Study – Destitute pick up done @ Vikhroli

    We found him sitting near a garbage bin on LBS road, Vikhroli

                                             destitute1                                                           Destitute2

    As always, our team went to pick him up. He didn’t talk much. He was just tearing the newspaper sitting near the Garbage Bin. He was thirsty and had 3 bottles of water offered by Neptune Foundation and then he had some food and tea.

    Destitute-4                                                             Destitute3

    He was very cooperative. Neptune Foundation Team along with Police took him to The Regional Thane Mental Hospital for initial check up.

    Destitute-5                                                           Destitute-6

    Later he was taken to Mulund Court for obtaining the court Permission for admitting him to The Regional Thane Mental Hospital for treatment.


    He had been admitted to the hospital and now under treatment.

    Neptune Foundation is his guardian now and regular follow ups done by our team with regards to his treatment and to reunite him with his family.

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